Anyone that says

Being born in the United States of America doesn’t make you a citizen is:

1. Incorrect

2. Doesn’t know ways of citizenship

3. Probably was born in the us

4. Likely an overweight, white guy.

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what the fuck what THE FUCK okay so in this episode of the x files we meet scully’s dad and he calls scully “starbuck” who is a character on both the old bsg and the more recent bsg.

and then later on mulder says the line “after three hours i requested that he summon the…

Mulder is a cylon

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Anonymous asked: Favorite Thor & Flash???


Thor:  I like Ultimate Thor the best.  Especially when they were toying with the idea that he was just a mentally ill person with super powers & weapons.

It’ll be cool to see what the woman who becomes Thor does.

Flash:  Barry Allen.

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Animal Odd Couples: Jack and Charlie

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45 Adorable Animal Odd Couples | 45 Adorable Animal Odd CouplesClick to check a cool blog!Source for the post: Click


45 Adorable Animal Odd Couples | 45 Adorable Animal Odd Couples

Click to check a cool blog!

Source for the post: Click

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A cat that adopted some ducklings soon after giving birth starting to wonder why they are n’t as well behaved as her kittens

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